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September 14, 2017

Aadhaar: India's 12 Digit Revolution - A Review by The Statesman

Visiting Fellow Shankkar Aiyar speaks to The Statesman on his new book, Aadhaar. Excerpts:


“'The book was born out of a policy paper. I am a Visiting Fellow at the IDFC Institute and work on public policy. Leaders in the 21st century know what is to be done but struggle to find ways to get it done. The lament about India is mostly on what did not get done. Most revolutions in India were born in the wake of crises ~ whether it is liberalisation of 1991 or Green Revolution of the 60s. In stark contrast, Aadhaar is a planned birth. The scale and success of Aadhaar ~ it is the world’s largest biometric identification platform with 116 crore identities and growing ~ is globally unprecedented. How this frugal-cost smart architecture could be set up amid all the systemic flaws is a story that deserved to be told. Aadhaar, if shepherded well, has the potential to deliver revolutionary change in governance,' Aiyyar told The Statesman."


Read the whole article here.

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