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July 27, 2017

Excerpt of Aadhaar: A Biometric History Of India’s 12-Digit Revolution

Shankkar Aiyar's latest book Aadhaar: A Biometric History Of India’s 12-Digit Revolution is a comprehensive read on the inception of, debates around, and resurrection of the UIDAI scheme. Swarajya carries an excerpt that tells us the story of how Aadhar got a new lease of life under the current government– when Aadhar-enabled attendance of government employees, piloted in the Jharkhand government, caught PM Modi's attention:


"Senior officers in the Prime Minister’s Office had told Modi about the Jharkhand dashboards when he had first spoken about the need to enforce punctuality in government offices. Thereafter, he had been shown printouts and a demonstration. So, before Sharma could even start on his department presentation in June, Modi asked about Jharkhand’s Aadhaar-enabled attendance system. Sharma spelt out the technology and the processes. Modi asked a few questions on how it could be bettered. Then he asked Sharma, ‘Can you implement this system for all Central government offices?’ Sharma said, ‘Yes.’ ‘How long will it take to install,’ asked the PM. Sharma replied, ‘By end September.’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed his secretary and Sharma, ‘This must be done.’ "


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