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December 18, 2017

Preventing Crimes Against Women is a Subject of Better Policing and Social Attitudes

IDFC Institute's survey titled 'Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime' (SATARC) quoted in this article in the Hindustan Times on the 5th anniversary of the Delhi gangrape. The author argues that "studies show that families start worrying about their female members, who were out unaccompanied, as the sun goes down. Yet, a very low percentage of people consider safety of women an important election issue."


"IDFC Institute conducted a survey on Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime among 20,597 households across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru in 2015-16. The survey shows that Delhi is the worst in terms of perception of women being unsafe. 87% of respondents in Delhi start worrying about the safety of an unaccompanied woman if she is out of home after 9pm. The numbers are much lower in the other three cities. Mumbai had the highest share of respondents who felt that women are always safe in the city."


Read the full article here

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