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August 22, 2017

Aadhaar necessary, but issues need ironing out

The Times of India carries an article on an event organised to discuss Shankkar Aiyar's (Visiting Fellow, IDFC Institute) latest book, 'Aadhaar: A Bio metric History of India's 12-Digit Revolution', tracing the journey of Aadhaar from its inception to now.


Economist, Sumita Kale and entrepreneur and technology professional, Amit Paranjpe joined the discussion. Many questions were raised about the controversies surrounding Aadhaar. All the speakers pushed for greater measures to increase coverage of Aadhaar.


“There should not be any systemic sloth during the last mile for Aadhaar and for this, the government must hasten to fix supply issues, expand access to banking, and accelerate the fibre optics project to improve connectivity ,“ Aiyyar said. While there are states with over 90% Aadhaar coverage, there are others with just 4-5%.To avoid exclusion, Aiyar, Kale and Paranjape said "the government needs to look at multi-modal biometrics and expanded authentication factors, like fingerprint-plus-iris and SMS."

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