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November 10, 2016

Baby Bank, Big Steps: Rajiv Lall's Game Plan for IDFC

Forbes India features Rajiv Lall, MD and CEO of IDFC Bank. It traces the genesis of IDFC Bank, its growth in the last one year, and its strategy for future expansion. 


"In its first year, IDFC Bank has taken more than baby steps. Its moves have been firm and well-calculated, which, if executed well, can bear results in the coming years. But as it expands, the battle for retail banking will only get more competitive. Add to this, the fact that the number of banks in India will increase given that licences can be acquired ‘on-tap’. IDFC Bank, in the coming years, will also face the need to raise fresh capital, to meet regulatory norms and bring in more investors. But Lall appears unflinching in his vision and approach for the bank. “Why should one be scared of more banks? A small country like Sri Lanka has several,” he says with confidence."


Read the complete article here.

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