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January 05, 2016

Delhi's Odd Even Policy May Not Be Sustainable

In this Times of India blog article, Visiting Fellow Shamika Ravi talks about why Delhi's odd even policy will not be sustainable.


She points out that advertising and campaigns about the policy have focused on car pooling and not on using public transport. Car pooling, however, will only work if a requisite number of passengers are commuting to the same location. She posits that it is likely that the policy would result in the rich buying another car and the middle classes buying another number plate.


She states that a sustainable solution for any city's transit needs is a safe and viable public transit system. However, over the years there has been a massive increase in private ownership of vehicles while the number of public buses have declined. The metro, which is hailed a successful mode of transit in Delhi, caters to less than 5 percent of the population and has not helped in reversing the trend of private car ownership. Although there seems be strict enforcement in the implementation of this policy, if any policy is not well thought out such enforcement is likely to cause more harm than good. To sum up, a successful policy for reducing Delhi's pollution must involve a reduction in the dependence on private vehicles and the provision of adequate public transport. 

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