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September 04, 2015

Let’s behave, and get ourselves Smart Cities


Courtesy: Mint


In this Mint article, Aakar Patel expresses doubts on Smart Cities Mission. He says "I have no problem with our cities. I have a problem with the people in them. Surat or Bengaluru or even New and Old Delhi are not bad places for visitors. They have their charms (even though one struggles for proper refreshment in Surat). The outsider will not see these cities as dumb. She will see their people in less flattering light. I include myself in this assessment, of course"


"....The problem in these places, just to remind ourselves, is not so much infrastructure as service. And basic morality. Nurses and teachers not showing up for work and not working when they show up will not get better with better buildings. Perhaps the “good governance” aspect will address that, but I don’t know how"


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