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November 04, 2015

Reuben Abraham speaks at the Quartz event, "The Next Billion"

At "The Next Billion" hosted by Quartz in New Delhi, IDFC Institute CEO Reuben Abraham spoke about the growth of cities and cities as a unit for political and economic experimentation.

Watch the video below:

The Next Billion: New Delhi convenes global industry leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities facing an increasingly connected world.

The event will be a day of discussion about the next billion people coming online around the world — how they will be transformed by their interaction with the internet, and how they, in turn, will transform the web for us all. Other speakers at the event include : Rahul Sharma (Cofounder and CEO, Micromax), Rajendra Pawar (Chairman and founder, NIIT Group), Rajesh Jain (Founder, NetCORE; digital strategist for Narendra Modi), Ankhi Das (Head of public policy, Facebook India) and Harsha Kumar (AVP of Products, Olacab).


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