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March 17, 2015

How Urban Households are Driving Up Greenhouse Gases

Researchers at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, have found that urban households contribute an unexpectedly high proportion of cities' GHG emissions. This Telegraph article explains:


"High-rise and glass-facade buildings, poor garbage management and inefficient heating practices have turned urban households into major collective sources of greenhouse gases... with Calcutta's domestic sector at the top, contributing over 42 per cent of the city's GHG footprint... The study has identified Delhi as the worst polluting metropolis - it released over 38 billion kg of GHG during 2009, the latest year for which pooled emissions data is available, followed by Greater Mumbai which spewed 22.7 billion kg, and Chennai with 22.1 billion kg... Their study... also shows how poor public transportation networks can influence a city's GHG footprints. Calcutta's transportation sector accounts for 13 per cent of the city's GHG emissions while Greater Mumbai's transportation GHG footprint is about 17 per cent."


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