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March 18, 2015

Big Cities Key Growth Drivers in Maharashtra

The 2014-15 Maharashtra Economic Survey has corroborated the economic importance of cities again. The publication says:


"The major contributors to the State Income are Mumbai (22.1 per cent), Thane (13.3 per cent) and Pune (11.4 per cent). These districts together contribute 46.8 per cent to GSDP. Maximal share in Agriculture & Allied Activities sector of GSDP comes from Nashik (10.4 per cent). Mumbai, Pune and Thane, together, are contributing nearly 50 per cent to the Industry sector. In the Services sector, share of Mumbai is highest (27.4 per cent) followed by Thane (14.1 per cent)."


These calculations are at the district level (rather than municipal or urban agglomeration level), but are indicative of the importance of cities in generating growth.

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