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June 05, 2015

Pritika Hingorani Receives MIT's Excellence in Public Service Award

IDFC Institute Junior Fellow Pritika Hingorani has been awarded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015 Public Service Award.

MIT's Excellence in Public Service Awards, granted by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, is designed to recognise outstanding public service achievements by recent alumni. Two awards are made every year, to candidates who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in public service and whose work creates tangible, long-term and systemic impact. 


"Pritika won the Award for her contribution to urban policy making and practice in India. She was nominated for her independent research in the areas of sanitation and affordable housing and her contributions to key national policy documents on housing and water. She was also selected for her academic and on-ground work in the area of urban expansion, working closely with rapidly-growing Indian cities to help them plan ahead for their inevitable spatial growth. "



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