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April 21, 2015

Reuben Abraham Discusses Houston's Urban Experience with Mayor Annise Parker

Image courtesy: Asia Society

IDFC Institute CEO Reuben Abraham moderated an Asia Society discussion with Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

During this off-the-record exchange, they discussed topics including:

the importance of making the economic case for environmentally friendly measures, and how Texas state laws regulated home equity lending, thus protecting consumers and shielding the region from the 2008 recession. 


"They also discussed Houston's significant relaxation of zoning regulations, and how this facilitated a natural urban fall and renewal process in neighbourhoods. It was also observed that the relatively recent development of the city made the absence of a formal zoning more feasible because of fewer heritage structures and pre-existing patterns."


On the political front, it was noted that most large U.S. city governments are led by democrats, but more state governments are led by republicans. However, they are able to overcome political divides and work together on aspects that improve competitiveness and the business environment.


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