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December 14, 2015

Briefing Paper #2: Facilitating an Easy Market for Affordable Housing Development

IDFC Institute hosted a private roundtable on “Facilitating an Easy Market for Affordable Housing Development in India” with developers, financiers, policy experts, and academics. This Briefing Paper summarises the key points raised, supporting the need for a more rationalised, consistent, and efficient regulatory environment. 


It discusses market solutions that are required to make affordable housing sustainable and scalable. Many of the solutions required for affordable housing pertain to the real estate sector in general, because of systemic issues with the real estate industry. Value Budget Housing Corporation (VBHC) estimated that the price point at which housing is provided can reduce by 30% without impacting margins of developers, if the government takes measures such as rationalising laws and making approval processes quicker. Areas discussed include building bye-laws, infrastructure, and finance.

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