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December 04, 2014

Open Access NREGA Complaints

As part of its transparency efforts, the government has made complaints related to the flagship rural NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee) scheme available online. The actual text of complaints is available, along with information on pending complaints and the level of government that is complained against.

While such complaints may not be representative, they can give us a sense of the type and scale of problems that such policies face.

Complaints include:
“Alleging embezzlement and corruption of funds in the post office of block- Rafiganj”

“There are no scheduled tribes in our village panchayat but in reports it is showing 27 persons from 19 families registered their names for job cards”

“Respected Sir, In village Panchayat Arai more than 11 lakh rupees has been alloted under MNREGS for udahi of a local pokhra near sun temple, but no work has yet been initiated. Previously 99 thousands rupees had been swallowed by concerned official by producing fake muster rolls etc in the name of udahi of same”

“It has been observed that there is partial payment done for workers and Gram Panchyat mukhiya has taken the workers signature on full payments.”


“Grampradhan And Ikram Khan S/O Mehmood Ali Khan is withdrawing the money of poors villagers directly from the bank and cheating them. Work is not executed and fake bill is prepared and thus the government money is use for their own personal purpose, enquiry may be done and recovery should be made from the property of the Mehmood Ali Khan s/o Peer Gulam, Khan Village Darwanipur”“Works not properly done, sarpanch and two panchs of his village (Ab Rashid and Gh Ahmad Padder) are doing all works around thier houses and some works are nowhere at ground level, of these funds have already been taken. Material used was substandard which you can easily identify at works on your own.”


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