October 24, 2016

Sans Script, No Direction, Congress Turning into Item Song of Politics

Visiting Fellow at IDFC Institute Shankkar Aiyer, writes in this New Indian Express article about the floundering approach of Congress party in making itself relevant for the voters.


Shankkar writes, "It is scarcely a mystery that the vice-president needs help and advice. The question is: does he seek advice and if so, how does he access it? Officially, the Congress Working Committee has met precisely twice since May 2014. The idea to create a shadow cabinet to fact-check government’s claims and for policy oversight was junked as quickly as it was suggested—thanks to the courtiers. The neural collapse is not just at the Centre. In states the local leadership is left guessing on what is a ‘go area’ and what constitutes a ‘no-go area’.


...Ideally, the organising principle of a political organisation is structured around objectives and outcomes. That is not the case with Congress and it is not as if it suffers from lack of talent or capacity—after all this party headed a government with no less than nine former chief ministers. It would seem ad-hoc is the new normal. Ergo, the 875 million votes question is whether anyone is being consulted—more pertinently if anyone is talking to anyone. Quite clearly, the Congress is stranded between evolution and revolution."

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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