The Online Education Revolution and India

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IDFC Institute recently hosted a Conversation with Dr. Alex Tabarrok, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and Resident Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, on "The Online Education Revolution and India".

Dr. Tabarrok spoke about the creative destruction brought about by online technology in the field of education. The discussion focused on the potential of online technology to revolutionise education, by lowering cost and raising flexibility advantages over in-class teaching. The discussion centred on the potential of online education to alter the organisation of education by improving quality as well as expanding access to millions. The discussion also reflected on the special advantages for a developing nation, such as India, to increase educational quality and reach, far faster through online education than conventional techniques.

You can view Dr. Tabarrok's paper on the topic here.

You can also view the full video of the discussion below.


Alex Tabarrok


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