All That's Right and Wrong with India's Electoral Democracy

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N. Gopalaswami joined us for an off-the-record, private IDFC-U roundtable. Mr. Gopalaswami is a former Chief Election Commissioner of India (2006-2009), and was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2015. He was previously Union Home Secretary and Secretary General of the National Human Rights Commission. He is a 1966 batch IAS officer, and has held positions including Municipal Commissioner of Surat, Managing Director of Gujarat Communication and Electronics Ltd, Secretary in the Department of Revenue, District Magistrate, and Joint Secretary in the Home Department of the Government of Gujarat. He is currently the President of Vivekananda Educational Society, and Chairman of Kalakshetra Foundation.

In a candid free-wheeling conversation, Mr. Gopalaswami reflected on the diverse aspects of India’s electoral process ranging from campaign finance to electoral systems to criminality in politics. He provided an overview on how the CEC must handle the issues of duplicate voters and voter turnout. Mr. Gopalaswami also presented some interesting statistics from the last two General elections that triggered an insightful discussion. 

Watch our video interview with Padma Bhushan N. Gopalaswami, former Chief Election Commissioner of India and Union Home Secretary on "All That's Right And Wrong With India's Electoral Democracy" 




Padma Bhushan N. Gopalaswami


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